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Belgian-Style Pale Ale

Dry-hopped with Cascade hops.

Pale and hoppy with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. High hopes often coincide with high hops. BPA was made to enjoy with friends.

Nobody wears stilts anymore. That's upsetting.

Whatever happened to the spirit of celebration?

Have other brewers forgotten, or worse yet, never known about a time not so long ago when hop growers wore stilts to harvest hop vines that often reached 20 feet into the air? Have they forgotten about the towering festivals that would follow?

Our take on pale ale remembers. It is Belgian and American alike. A lively celebration of old and new traditions, perfect for fests and feasts. And in a way, there's nothing more Belgian than that.

So to honor these aerial imbibers and masters of a lost craft, we put them on the label of our hoppiest brew.

Feel free to revel with friends. Stilts optional.


This twist on a traditional beer enjoys a tall tumbler with a pinched bottom.


The citrus notes and hoppy aperitif qualities of BPA make it great for seafood and salads. Also stands up to pub fare like burgers, pizza, or communal appetizers.


Brewmaster Phil'sTasting Notes

This uncommon Belgian-style pale ale is bronze in color with citrusy, spicy, floral hop flavors and aromas coming from the liberal amount of Styrian Goldings in the brew kettle followed by dry hopping of Cascade in the conditioning tank.

BPA has combined the delicious aromas and flavors of Belgian-style pale ale with more hops than we've ever put in a beer. A well-balanced, yet ample hop character defines this fine pale ale offering citrus and tropical fruit aromatics and flavors, a full body and a lush white pillowy head.

Chef's tasting notes & recipes

It is a known fact that hoppy beers are a great beer to pair with fatty foods due to the bitterness of the hops being able to cut through fat. But when you take that ale to a new level that utilizes Belgian brewing techniques and yeast strains, the BPA is not your average hoppy beer. Think of your favorite bar food and elevate the ingredients and techniques. Crispy Buffalo style frog's legs with feta dressing, beef tartar with blue cheese sauce, fried Buratta cheese with basil-arugula pesto.

Not only do the truths of hoppy beers hold true to this ale, but the Belgian yeast lends the perfect sweetness and carbonation to cleanse the palate. Go bold when pairing with this ale. It will stand up to the challenge.


  • Malts: Pilsner, pale, aroma, caramel, Munich
  • Hops: Styrian Golding, Cascade, CTZ
  • Spices: none
  • Yeast: Ommegang house yeast
  • OG: 13.8o Plato
  • FG: 2.6o Plato
  • ABV: 6.2%
  • IBU: 21