Belgium comes to Cooperstown, or "BCTC," is our annual summer beer fest celebrating (and sampling) the best in Belgian and Belgian-style beers. Since its inaugural in 1999, BCTC has grown from a modest gathering to a full-fledged festival with weekend camping; staged live music; a 700 person VIP dinner; late night movie screenings ; receptions and lectures. Over 100 breweries from around the world participate with more than 3'000 guests attending.

The theme of BCTC has added a playful background to the event and provided guests the added fun of identifying all of the little jokes and accents integrated into the event.

VIP & General Admission tickets (Aug 3-4, 2018) go on sale April 1st:
VIP $280 (Friday and Saturday)
General Admission with camping $145 (Saturday only)
General Admission  no camping $115 (Saturday only)
Designated Driver $35