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Every grain of malt, every cone of hop, every seed of spice, every living yeast, every mountain breeze, every new taste, every song that's sung on our stage, everything that helps usher our beer into this world, is here for a reason.

Because everything we do has a reason.

There is a craft to each and every aspect of what we do that goes way beyond making beer, and nothing is left to chance.

It's in the deliberate steps of our brew day. The breath of the corks. The strength of the bottles. The shape of the glasses. The stories on each of the labels. The food you enjoy with our beer. The festivals we hold. The friends we make and the communities we build.

Everything works together to bring these lively beers to you and the friends around you.


What's in a glass? Everything.

Some think beer is beer. It doesn't matter what you drink it from. Brewery Ommegang, and the entire nation of Belgium, politely disagree.

Every single beer in Belgium has its own unique glass. With over 600 individual beers from 180 breweries, that's a lot of glassware for a country about the size of Maryland.

Why? Because context is everything. Every glass is designed to accentuate the quality and the history of the beer it contains.

Of course, you don't have to drink our beer from the right glass. You'll just enjoy it more if you do.


Awards mean nothing. But that's not why we win them.

As honored and thankful as we are for our success at the judges table, we're more proud of the fact more people are discovering our beers year after year.

Witte: 2008, 2010 World Beer Cup Silver Belgian Style Witbier. 2011 Great American Beer Fest Gold Belgian style Witbier. 2011 European Beer Star Silver Belgian style Witbier

BPA: 2010 European Beer Star Bronze Belgian style ale.

Rare Vos: 2008 Great American Beer Fest Bronze Belgian Ale

Hennepin: 2004 Great American Beer Fest Gold Belgian style Saison. 2007 European Beer Star Gold Spiced beer

Abbey: 2010 World Beer cup Gold Belgian Dubbel ale

3 Philosophers: 2004 World Beer Cup Brozne Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 2011 European Beer Star Belgian style Strong ale


What do Belgian beer and baseball share in common? Not much.

But we both think Cooperstown is pretty special.

Back in the 19th Century, Cooperstown was the epicenter of U.S. hop production. Add that, plus the local deep wells of high quality water and you could say this place was made for beer.

We built our brewery back in 1997 on 136 acres of land that used to be a hop farm. It was the first farmstead brewery built in the USA in over a hundred years.

Old and new, Cooperstown is rich in beer tradition.

And baseball.

So when you come to visit our hall, you should probably visit that other one too.