Hopstate IPA 2019

India Pale Ale Brewed with 100% NYS Hops

Brewed entirely with New York State hops, Hopstate IPA is our annual tribute to a storied past and a bright future.

In the late 1800s, upstate New York produced 80% of the nation’s total hops. The crop was central to the region’s economy, but blight and Prohibition combined to destroy the industry.

Today, the NYS hops industry is steadily rebuilding, and we’re proud to play our part by brewing with the fruits of our local farmers.

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AVAILABILITY Limited release
FERMENTABLES Caramel Steam malt, two-row malt from 1886 Malt House, Fulton NY
HOPS 100% NYS Hops: Cascade, Chinook, Michigan Copper, Triple Pearl
YEAST London Ale yeast
ABV 7.4%
IBU 45