Three Philosophers

A Blend of Quadrupel and Belgian Kriek

Rich and complex, this tour de force is a glorious blend of elegant Belgian-style quadruple ale and authentic Belgian kriek, its malty depth and gentle sweetness enhanced by sparkling carbonation and a serendipitous touch of cherry.

Pouring a mysterious chestnut brown, Three Philosophers is the perfect beer for leisurely sipping and quiet contemplation.

The meaning of life? Even if you don’t quite get there, this beer is sure to sweeten the journey.

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FERMENTABLES Two-row, amber malt, caramel malt, Munich 20 malt, Dingemans Aromatic malt, Extra Special malt and Cara 20 malt, Liefmans Cuvee Brut
HOPS Styrian Golding, Spalter Select
YEAST Ommegang house yeast
BLENDING NOTES 2% Liefmans kriek blended into brew kettle
World Beer Cup – 2004, 2006, 2016, Bronze Medal, Belgian-style Dark Strong Ale
Great American Beer Fest – 2010, 2013, Bronze Medal, Belgian-style Abbey Ale
European Beer Star – 2011, Silver Medal, Belgian-style Strong Ale
ABV 9.7%
IBU 21
OG 21.5